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Ridgeway History
Ridgeway History

From a starting point over fifty years ago in Aluminium Access, Ridgeway has become a supply chain partner of choice for major companies operating in a range of sectors, encompassing construction, engineering, offshore, oil and gas, bringing innovations in both products and processes in every sphere.


The Belfast of 1969, rife with the civil unrest that launched three decades of ‘the troubles’ was hardly the ideal setting for a new business start-up. That is just what Ridgeway founders, Maurice Kane and Norman Adamson did, launching their business in Belfast’s Ridgeway Street to service the needs of building trades such as painters, steelworkers, and electricians and to promote working safely at heights with a range of products. Thanks to the pragmatism and hard work of the partners, the company thrived and grew steadily throughout the years of unrest in Northern Ireland.

In 1969 Ridgeway acquired its name from their first location at Ridgeway Street, beside the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.

In 1972 the company transferred to Diamond Gardens in Finaghy, then on to a prime purpose-built site in Boucher Road in 1987, which at that time was the centre hub for transport links to all areas of the province.


While Ridgeway’s roots were firmly embedded in the local Northern Ireland market, one which is still of utmost importance, economic, market and even political changes have been factors in fostering a strong outward-looking and export focus for the company, which, together with the team’s innovation ethos has taken Ridgeway to a new level.  In October 2016 Ridgeway’s Ashbourne Depot officially opened doors to the public in an open-day celebration with a range of suppliers, local media, dignitaries, and construction representatives in attendance.  The news of another Irish depot marks a significant development for Ridgeway.

These progressive moves represent the steady, sustainable growth that Ridgeway has shown for over fifty years ensuring that the best facilities, locations, and services are available for their customers.


Ridgeway’s Chairman – Maurice Kane, a co-founder of the business has made a significant contribution to the construction and engineering industry in Northern Ireland over the years. His entrepreneurial skills in identifying opportunities to improve construction processes, safety and security have driven Ridgeway to the forefront of specialist supply.

In 1994 the business seamlessly stepped into the next generation, as Maurice’s son Stephen, now Managing Director, brought the complementary strengths of sales and marketing learnt from working with large Multiples in a UK-based PLC to the business.  This unique teamwork of father-son directorship combined with excellent dedicated and experienced staff has been integral to the success of the business and its sustained future.

Reece Stephen’s son joined the business in 2015 as a Sales Executive for the Access and Safety Store and is now the business’s Operations Manager. 

Jonny Stephen’s eldest son also joined the business in 2016 as a Sales Executive for the Rockbags® department and is now the business’s General Sales Manager.




Ridgeway History
Ridgeway History


As with almost every successful company, the people who make up the Ridgeway team have been pivotal to its success. With a focus on innovation and best value at the core of the business, we needed people who would commit to our business, share our goals, and help us to deliver, year after year.  We have built a strong team who know and understand our products and solutions, our ethos and our vision for the future. We all work together and have a lot of fun doing what we do, thriving on the success of our customers and their projects, with whom we work as key partner suppliers. The development and dedication of our loyal staff have been at the Centre of our success, alongside our close customer support relationships. That’s something we are extremely proud of.

The company’s history has been built around its ability to provide quality service and distribution of a wide range of niche products and tools, available for hire and sale to the Agricultural, Construction, and Engineering industries.  Ridgeway prides itself as a market developer and innovator in Access Equipment, Specialist Building Products, Metal Mesh Products, and Paint Spraying Equipment, with expert teams focused on each area.