Environmental Policy

Ridgeway Plant Co. was established in 1969. Since then Ridgeway has led the field in introducing safe site fencing, training in use of hired tools and alloy scaffold, fall arrest technology, safe working at height training, and we are Ireland’s largest supplier of metal mesh and flooring products.

We have confidence in our products and service. We have built up an unrivalled range over more than fifty years by seeking global manufacturing partnerships committed to Best Value and Best Practice, and by recruiting and training the highest quality staff.

Significant Environmental Issues

Ridgeway are not only committed to quality, safety and convenience of our customers, but also take our environmental responsibilities seriously. From cleaning of plant to delivery of goods and equipment and running our operations, our significant environmental aspects include fuel consumption for transport, hazardous waste production and use of solvents.

Preventing Pollution and Environmental Management

The company is committed to prevention of pollution to the environment. The company operates an environmental management system (EMS) to BS 8555 Level 3 standards to control and reduce where possible these environmental aspects.

Legal Compliance

Ridgeway is committed to complying with all current relevant legislation and industry codes of practice for environment and safety.

Continual Improvement and Supply Chain

We are committed to continually improving the environmental performance of our business. We monitor our performance and set objectives and targets for improvement. We expect our suppliers to operate to equivalent environmental management standards.


This Environmental Policy is displayed on internal notice boards and copies are available to all our staff and any interested party.